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37-year-old 'witch' crash-lands in KumasiResidents OF Akyeremadi, near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, woke up Thursday morning to the shocking news of a suspected witch crash landing in the town.

A 37-year-old woman, who said Gifty and Afia were her names, reportedly fell down heavily from the sky on a tape at a block factory, at about 3:30 am.

Some masons at the scene, alleged that they heard a deafening noise so they rushed to the place to check what was amiss at that ungodly hour.

According to them, they had the shock of the lives when they saw a lady, who was wearing a shiny-looking dress, lying on the tape, with blood stains on her face.

They said before they could get closer, the lady took to her heels and so they pursued her and she eventually took refuge at one Emmanuel Ofori’s house.

The masons said they were shocked to see the lady virtually naked when they eventually caught up with her, hiding in an obscure corner in the house.

News of a suspected witch, who had crash landed, attracted a colossal number of curious people, who trooped to the place to catch a glimpse of her.

During interrogation by the people, the lady, who was wearing a white pant with her breast exposed, said she lives at Buokrom Estate in Kumasi.

She gave her names as Gifty and Afia, and said she was heading to Kwanwoma when she experienced electric shock at Akyeremadi, which brought her down.

Eyewitnesses claimed that some people were fervently praying on a radio station at the time, and that they suspected the prayers might have hit the suspected witch, ending her mission abruptly.

There were full of inconsistencies in the narration of the strange event, raising suspicion that perhaps she was suffering mentally.

None of the people that trooped to the place could identify the lady, giving an indication that she doesn’t live in the area.

Tema Witch

In a related development, an alleged witch is said to have also crash landed in a house near the Tema Community 9 cemetery on Thursday.

According to reports, the woman, who would be in her mid-fifties, had taken the form of a bird before turning into a human being after crash landing.

A colossal crowd, upon hearing the news, gathered at the house – popularly known as Talent House – to catch a glimpse of the ‘witch.’

The eyewitness and owner of the house, Madam Doris Awuku, in an interview with Adom News, said she heard a loud bang at 2am.

Out of fear, the woman said she began praying fervently for God to strike dead any evil spirit in the house.

Seconds later, Doris Awuku said, his brother called that someone was lying in front of her door.

“I quickly came out and saw an old lady lying naked in front of my door but when she saw me, she quickly ran and locked herself in our bathroom,” she narrated.

Madam Awuku said they forcibly opened the bathroom door and poured anointing oil on the strange ‘visitor’ and she started confessing how she was left behind after the crash.

The alleged that witch escaped through the cemetery when residents threatened to beat her up.

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