Actress Chioma Toplis reacts to posting half naked pictures online

Actress Chioma Toplis reacts to posting half naked pictures online

Actress Chioma Toplis has explained why she posts sexy pictures online saying she has the desire to become a plus sized model.
Whilst speaking to The Sun, the 42-year-old who is married to Andrew Toplis said her husband and other family members fully support whatever she does with her body.

Actress Chioma Toplis reacts to posting half naked pictures online

“I post my sexy pictures anytime I feel like. In the UK, I am registered with some agents that do plus sized lin­gerie. So, I have been pushing to be one of their models. I won’t give up; who knows someday my dream will come true. People should know that my husband and other family members fully support whatever I am doing with my body. Whenever I go for my shoot, my husband is always there to supervise, so people should let me be,” she said.

Chioma further explained that she found it strange that outsiders could complain about her pictures when her husband nor kids didn’t.

She said: “I respond harshly to critics that insult me for doing what I love doing. My husband doesn’t, my kids too, so why must one stranger control me? I am old enough to know what I am doing.

“The Bible says in… (I can’t even remember the part of the Bible), but I know God said all that matters is our hearts not what we wear outside. If you look at my photo and it’s turning you on, you can scroll down, pass or better still delete yourself off my Facebook wall. Some men will be there romancing my pictures on Facebook, but when I post something educational or inspirational, they won’t even read or comment. They are bunch of hypocrites.”

On her foray into fashion the Umuahia native said she always loved creativity and sewing but doesn’t do this for business purpose.

“It is just for home use. I make clothes for my kids because they love African wears. It is not a business per say, but part of my passion,” she said.

The Nollywood actress also disclosed how she met her husband at a party and got his contract details after he had approached her and offered her drinks.

“It was a send-forth party on an island. When I came in, he was like ‘who is this?’ He sent somebody to offer me drinks. He walked up to me and told me that he loved the way I was smiling especially my set of teeth. That was how the whole thing started.”

She described herself as easy going and independent.

“I am an easy-going person when you come close to me. I don’t need to blow my trumpet. I love to be on my own,” she said.

On her present status with Oge Okoye who she once fell out with she responded thus: “Please don’t drag me back to this. We have all grown past the drama that happened then. If I see her, if I feel like saying ‘hello’, I’ll do and go my way. If she feels like talk­ing to me, I will answer her and go my way.”

Chioma Toplis is an actress and entrepreneur who shuttles between her residence in London and Lagos.

The mother of three studied Social Healthcare at the Barking and Dagenham in East London.



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