Alleged Lesbian Partner of Genevieve Nnaji, Talks Men


Ella Martins who became popular in Nigeria when she was suspected in lesbianism with Genevieve Nnaji said she didn’t know peace since these rumours hit her country.

In a recent interview, Benin Republic actress and a top musician tried to prove that she is straight, mentioning that she had dated Congolese mega star, Fally Ipupa. She even stated she is in a secret relationship with a president of a country, while discounting the rumour that she also once dated former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria.

If all allegations hanging over her neck are untrue, what is worth taking to the bank regarding the ‘Chocolat Baby’ crooner is her wealth of experience when it comes to relationships. She shared her thoughts with Potpourri magazine when she was asked the five things she can’t stand in her man.

“I can’t stand men that lie because they can never be trusted. You never know what they are doing behind your back. I also hate cheats. I want my man to love me and only me. I don’t want to share my man with anyone,” she said.

“Other things I can’t stand are men who don’t take care of their physical looks. They are a major turn-off for me,” she added.

However, she continued, saying that she wouldn’t tolerate a man who stands in the way of her success.

“Then, there is a set of men who can’t stand your success. These are encumbrances to your life’s visions and goals. I simply hate men who stand in the way of my success because I am a very ambitious woman,” Ella Martins said.


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