Ashawo workers in Koforidua are offering free s£x for 2 months to help fight against homosexuality


A group of s#x workers in the Capital of the eastern region of Ghana, Koforidua are offering free sex as a “corporate social responsibility” to help curb homosexuality in the country.

According to a publication by Eastern region-based Bryt FM, the s#x workers in the region have offered free s#x to men who are homosexuals in order to make them enjoy true sweetness from the “Akosua kuma” of women.

A leader of the group speaking in an interview underscored the fact that they want to make those men who are homosexuals have a change of perception about [email protected] s#x and make them a fan of that.

“We have decided to provide all these gay men with free hot s#x for two months to change their perception about [email protected] s#x,” She said.

Akua, a leading member of the group admonished that gayism and lesbianism are all not something good before the Lord thus encouraged Ghanaian gays to come have a taste of [email protected] s3x and for the lesbians also to go for the hot penis which gives fantastic orgasm.

“Gayism and lesbianism, not a good thing. We are also encouraging Ghanaian men to identify the Lesbians to give them hot s3x and multiple orgasms. They will love penis afterward” She added.


Credit: Ghpage

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