Blakk Rasta to dance in tears If cannabis ‘wee’ becomes legal in Ghana

‘If ‘Wee’ is legalized, we’ll dance in tears’ – Blakk Rasta

Controversial radio presenter-cum-musician, Blakk Rasta, claims he has never used cannabis, popularly referred to as ‘Wee’, before and suggested he may only do that when the narcotic substance is legalised.

“I haven’t taken the substance before, but if it were finally legalized something will happen in this country. We will dance the whole day in tears just as in the Biblical days when David was happy and danced naked,” he said.
The Reggae musician said this when welcomed the call by the Ghana Police for cannabis to be decriminalized in the country.

The head of the Drug Law Enforcement Unit of the Police Service, David Selom Hukportie argued for the cannabis to be decriminalized in a bid to win the fight against the narcotic drug.

“we also need to look at decriminalisation and here, I want to reiterate what Mr. Akrasi Sarpong said. Many people misunderstood him but when you look at the situation and you want law enforcement to tackle it without the criminal justice coming in to help it, it will be a problem.”

In an interview with Onua FM, Blakk Rasta, who has been an advocate of legalising cannabis in the country, lauded the Police for the realising the need to legalised the drug.

“The call by the Police Service is the right step in the right direction, and as a crusader, I cannot wait for its acceptance by the authorities,” he said.

Beyond the arguement put forth by the Police, he said Ghana would see a speedy growth should the narcotic substance be finally legalized.

“As a country the final legalization would help the country move forward because contrary to people’s thinking that the substance is meant for only smoking to cause madness, it can be used to prepare so many vital things.

Blakk Rasta suggested he has been vindicated by the latest call for the substance to be legalised, noting that he was crticised when he first made that call, noting a section of Ghanaians looked at the blind side of the whole issue.

“We’ve been talking about this issue unrelenting and even with the criticisms that came with it [when] Kofi Annan came out to support the initiative, people calmed down a bit, and now it is the turn of the Police to share in the sentiments,” he added.

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