Bulldog is a dog; Criss Waddle is gay and everybody knows – Shatta Wale

Criss Waddle is gay; Bulldog is a dog - Shatta WaleIt seems the beef between Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and rapper Criss Waddle will not be put to rest anytime soon, as the ‘Mahama Paper’ crooner has thrown severe punches at the latter, calling him gay.

The two artistes had been going at each other for several months, notably for their versions of ‘Bie Gya’.

In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on this week’s edition of The Delay Show, Shatta Wale minced no words as he described Criss Waddle as gay.

Asked whether he will speak to Criss when they meet, Shatta bluntly said “Oh…but he (Criss Waddle) is gay. I don’t befriend gays.

He’s not my friend…I never knew he was gay, I wouldn’t have even recorded with him.” A surprised Delay further asked Shatta whether he is aware Criss Waddle can sue him, but Shatta, who stood his grounds said “He can go and sue me, he is gay and everybody knows.” He further insisted “He is gay, people know.”

“Bulldog is a dog”

Shatta Wale has also taken a jab at his former manager, Bulldog…calling him a dog. It will be recalled that Bulldog made a disclosure that Shatta Wale showed off with fake dollar bills, confirming Criss Waddle’s allegation that Shatta is not real.

Reacting to that allegation, Shatta said:

“As for Bulldog, he is hungry…sometimes he talks off and comes on. I’ve given Bulldog dollars several times. I’ve traveled with him several times. He can’t tell me that I hold fake dollars. Do you understand?”

Shatta Wale further argued that people fight him all the time but later realise that he keeps moving ahead.

“I have friends who have done that to me. I have managers…I have producers who have done that to me, but still, I’m moving on.” He added that it’s hatred that makes Bulldog say such things about him. “Even your wife knows I’m given you dollars before…anything I come to say on TV is real…it’s there.”

“People like Bulldog…when they talk like that, you should see them like yeah…dogs. That’s how they are…they bark.

He’s a human being dog…he’s acting like a dog, because you don’t come to ask when you talk.” Shatta again said he does not take Bulldog’s posts on social media about him seriously.

Source: viasat1.com.gh


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