I’m not just beefing anybody unless it’s bringing cash – Eno Barony


Ghanaian female rapper Eno Barony has declared her intentions to distant herself from any further rap battles or “lyrical beefs” unless it’s profitable.

Speaking exclusively to GhanaWeb, she said the need to focus more on the business side of her career necessitated that decision.

“I’m not here to just battle anybody. It’s just shows and business. I have a business to run. I’m not just here to respond to anybody who just wants to battle me. My days of battle are over. I have paid my dues. But if it’s worth it and it’s going to bring numbers and cash to my pocket, then I will,” she stated on GhanaWeb’s Talkertainment

Nonetheless, the rap goddess disclosed on the same platform that she has made countless profits from the recent ‘beef’ with Medikal, Sista Afia, and Freda Rhymz.

She said some television and radio stations bought and premiered her songs before they were released on social media.


The recent ‘beef’ involving Eno, Medikal Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz have seen them release diss tracks towards each other.

Eno on the other hand released ‘Force them to play nonsense’ and ‘Argument done’ which caught fire on social media with fans hailing her lyrical prowess.

Watch the videos below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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