Lyrics: Omar Sterling (Paedae) – Swag ft. Sarkodie & Ice Prince

Lyrics: Omar Sterling (Paedae) - Swag ft. Sarkodie & Ice Prince
[Intro – Omar Sterling]
It’s 20 Past 2 AM Still In The Lab
Just Recording For Afrobeatz I Wanna Drop
Kill Medic 20 Past 2 AM Still In The Lab
Before You Record This Highlife Songs I Wanna Bra
Swag Swag Swag Swag
[Verse – Omar Sterling]
Here Tryna Make Working
Pretty Girls In The Studio
They All Asking Question
What Is It Girl You Wanna Know
Every Song Dope 9 To 5 This Swag
Can You Put Me On A Video
Pass Me The Local Puff
Pass Me The Blown
I Like What You Say
You Can Be What You Want
What A Night
It’s A Blank Flow
I’m Tryna Supply your needs
So Break The Fresh Air
I’m Tryna Help You Brothers Brief
Hustlers Hustle Until We Die And Rest In Peace
All I Say To The Haters
Bless You Like You Sneeze
Point Blank Period This Serious Indeed
Money Long
Longer Than The Dreads On Mugeez
We’v Gat Girls We Got The Nicest
Still Take Yours Cos They Like Us
You Talk Baz So You Mean Like Us
My Mama Said My Son
You Are The Sun Be Sure
You Shine The Brightest
[Verse – Sarkodie]
Moi Sepee Opportunist
Yenowo Sitikwa
Till We Have A Conversation
Ah Check It Wo Kasa Kwame Louis
Osikifu Now You’re Curious
Wai Kuniya Joro Boys Eduwi Seeker
Okilus Tunigudi Boys Ohana Boys
See The Way Siri Mafi Way Iminiwu With Vicker
Nicodemus Oshubai Nintini Yana Mumbudu Pa
Coke 1 Litre This Year
Boys Nor Go Chop My Money
This Year I Go Dug Boys For Accra
This Year paranoid More Than Tony Montana
Yegun Future Nikoku Se Mabra
Ah Jean Bodin Tiwo Daso Shark Call Me Las
Afi Wena Dog Mofi Semo Yane Class
Nipatim Soon Tewu Kogay Tokor
Chu Seya Tie Wear Joshena One Yay Pass Cos
Let Them Pass Hey Wowoka
Egieyi With High Grade Hmmm
I Dey Chair This Same Boys
Wan Kim Fisi Wamo Kuta Nice Face Aahn
But You Cant Trust These Niggas
You Cant Trust These Niggas
You Can Never Trust These Niggas
God Damn It, Damn It
[Hook – Omar Sterling]
It’s 40 Past 4 Am
Still In The Club Out Here
With Super Models And Bottles To Pop
[Verse – Ice Prince]
I’m In A Different Kinda Zone Ah Yeah
I See These Rappers Say They Swagging
But These Rappers Wanna
Need Em Not Alone Grrrrr
Damn It
You Can’t Trust These Niggas
How Can I Be The Victim Of Success
Fucking Women Them Be
Fucking Up The Press
These Hating Rappers Steady
Working On The Checks
So They Can Get Me On A Hook
And On The Verse
Yeah It’s 2 AM And No One
Gives A Fxck Yeah
It’s Just Me And The Pen
Yes And Less To Solve
Only Beat On My Computer Desktop
All I Do Is Eat Them
In One Session And Export
Logic This Shit Is Toxic
They Tell Me Follow The Rules
I Do The Opposite
They Cant Understand Me
Y’all  accomplices
My Old Man Told Me In Life
You Stand Opposite
And I Dont Ever Want My Little Sister
Looking At Me Like A Bitch Na
You Know That Shit Hurts
I Gat To Be The Man The Fire That Zamani
[Hook – Omar Sterling]
60 Past 6 AM Back In The Lab
Do the math thats 7 o’clock on the dot
[Verse – Omar Sterling]
O Boy The Devil Is A Liar
My Desire For So Called Finer Things
Diminish I’m Tryna Finish My Soul Go Higher
What Does It Require To Spit Flames To Spit Fire
I’m Sick And Tired Of Y’all
I Mean Jam Is On Fire
Take You Back In The Day Kanye Through The Wire
Oprah Your Life Used To Be Rough but i ain a crier
Who Really Woulda Thought We’ll Be Heard Like A Choir
Step In My Shoes Or You Can Wear This Attire
What We Have Is Venom Real Venom Like A Viper
So When We Tap The Mic It’s A Rap Like A Cypher
I’m Just Hyper
Hyper Hype Hypest
Been So Much Cheese That’s Why I Roll Fire Fight This


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