Oh No! Bismark The Joke chop slaps from actress in the UK

Comic actor Bismark The Joke has narrated a daunting experience he had to put up with while shooting his upcoming comedy titled Bismark The Joke in the UK, revealing that he received slaps on the movie’s set.

According to Bismark, an actress he acted with in one of the movie’s scenes gave him real slaps under the guise of acting.

He said he lost his composure in the process and almost replied but he had to let go and complete the scene.

He told NEWS-ONE over the weekend that he would have been hurt if producers of the movie had decided to omit that scene from the final edit of the new movie which will premiere on March 12 at the Silverbird Cinemas.

“It was a serious slap she gave me, so my shouting in the movie wasn’t acting. I shouted because the slap really hurt me. But it made the scene look nice and I didn’t have to spoil it so I acted through it,” he added.

All roads lead to the Silverbird Cinemas at the West Hills Mall at Weija on March 12, 2016 where the movie will be premiered.

Directed by Abbeam Danso, Bismark the Joke is centred on the life of the hilarious character of Bismark as he embarks on various escapades in London. Based on the upbringings and different cultures of individuals, friendship is created and sometimes goes wrong knowingly or unknowingly. In this movie, fans get to enjoy and see the differences and what they are through comedy.

It also stars Septimus Anthony, Richard Banks, Steven Bartle, Angelique Dos Santos, Lee Nicholas Harris, Luke White, Sharune, Chris Martin Hill, Gintaras Lazickas and Bismark The Joke, born Bismark Nii Odoi.

Bismark hopes a lot of his fan base will patronise the movie.

Source: Daily Guide


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