Our Musicians are not Educated, All they “make’ is Noise – Hassan Ayariga

Our Musicians are not Educated, All they do is Noise - Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga, the founder and leader of newly formed All People’s Congress (APC) is charging musicians of today to stop shouting and educate Ghanaians with good lyrics.

According to him, Ghanaian musicians, especially the young ones instead of educating with their music make a lot of noise.

“Any good musician will sing a song to transform your life and not just shout and make noise. Music is about transforming lives through good message and it is sad that most of our young musicians are not doing that,” he told Showbiz in an interview last Thursday.

The APC leader, who is also aspiring to run for president on the party’s ticket, wants to see the entertainment industry grow to its highest level when he becomes president. He thinks most of Ghanaian musicians need education to write good songs to transform lives.

“Most of our musicians are not educated and I believe it is the reason they don’t do good songs. The messages in the late Bob Marley’s songs remain relevant even till today long after his death, changing lives and that is what I want to see our musicians do.”

Asked who his favourite musician is, the politician who believes he has all it takes to be the president of Ghana said he likes to listen to Bisa Kdei.

Talking about the plans he has for the entertainment industry, Hassan Ayariga said he will hold several meetings with all the stakeholders in the industry to find out what their needs are and address them.

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