Photos: 23-year-old Woman in Love With a 62-year-old man, shares Amazing S*x Life…

A 23-year-old woman has told of her ongoing sweet love making experience with a man 39 years her senior after she fell in love with him.

Angela Di Pasqu and Jeo Leon in love

A 23-year-old woman has told sweet stories about her love encounter with a man 39 years her senior after she fell in love with him. She says lovemaking with him is the most awesome thing she has ever had.

The Mirror reports that Angela Di Pasquo was an ‘inexperienced’ 21-year-old when she asked out Joe Leon, now 62, just one week after meeting him on a film set. Despite Joe being four years older than her father, the actress spent the weekend with him, making love with him for the first time just days later.

Now, the relationship has lasted up to two years. The pair are still together waxing stronger and now advising other age-gap couples on how to have fulfilling, successful relationships.

Looking back on when she first met her partner, Angela, also an artist, happily admits she was ‘inexperienced in the bedroom’. She revealed that when they had s*x, it was ‘amazing, wonderful and fulfilling’. Now, the pair continue to make love frequently – despite Joe being born nearly four decades before Angela and having a son three years older than her.

Angela first noticed Joe, a fellow actor, back in 2013, when he caught her eye on the set of a film they both appeared in. He played the role of a dashing FBI agent, while she appeared as a murder victim.

Angela had to perform a lot of stunts, which left her bruised, prompting Mr Leon to ‘get stern’ with production staff, asking them to put mats down for her.

The pair got chatting and Angela suggested they go for a meal in Port St Lucie, Florida, where they were both living.

“We had a meal and chatted,” she recalls. “Then I suggested we go back to his because he told me he had a guitar.

“I listened to him play for three hours.
“Finally I told him I wanted to be affectionate and we kissed.”

The couple spent the weekend together, with Joe telling Angela about his life and past.

“We just got on really well,” Angela says. “I really liked him. I thought he was fun and interesting.

“I’ve always liked older men, although Joe is the oldest I’ve dated.”

Angela told her parents, aged 57 and 59, about her new boyfriend just a few wees later. The couple took their daughter’s news in their stride, despite Joe being older than both of them. They met the Joe and took him in wholeheartedly.

“I thought if I was taking their daughter away I should get to know them,” Joe says.

“I wanted them to know I wasn’t weird, and that I really loved and respected her.”

Joe says he hit it off with his prospective father-in-law immediately. More importantly, both are football fans, they bonded over their love of the sport.

But they also spoke about Angela, with Joe reassuring her father that he was serious about her.

At first, Joe admits he was more concerned about starting a relationship with Angela than she was.

“She was pursuing me,” he laughs. “I was concerned. I felt I was too old for this young lady.

“But she always said, ‘Let’s just take it as it goes’.

“So that’s what we have done, and that’s what we will continue to do.”

“She was getting a pedicure once and the therapist said, ‘Your daughter has such long legs.” he recalls

They’ve shared experiences of how people felt when they meet them together.

“Another time we were in a restaurant for Valentine’s Day and the maître de assumed an older woman stood 20 feet behind us was my girlfriend.

“We’ve had a few dirty looks, but by-and-large people are positive.”

The couple, who take each day as it comes, say they do not know if they will marry or have children.
They have set up a YouTube channel, where they offer love advice including how to deal with ex-wives, children and marriage.

“We also discuss how to tell your family you are in an age-gap relationship,” Joe says.

“We love each other – age is just a number

“And we want to help other people too.” The couple said. 


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