Samini Jabs Mzbel: You Let Drugs & Laziness Ruin You?

saminigup - Samini Jabs Mzbel: You Let Drugs & Laziness Ruin You?
saminigup - Samini Jabs Mzbel: You Let Drugs & Laziness Ruin You?

Per a publication on with the headline: Samini jabs Mzbel: You let drugs and laziness ruin you, Samini's manager, Anthony Daning has released a rejoinder denying the authenticity of the story describing it as "totally false and fabricated".

Below is the statement from High Grade Family (unedited)

The said Story is fabricated. It is regrettable that a website like OMG Ghana or originator of the Story will publish such an untruth meant to deceive, slander and cause public disaffection.

The news website OMG Ghana or its originators acknowledge that the story is a satirical- spoof. This is regrettable when many artiste and industry players are calling for ethical reportage and not hogwash.

The Statement “Who is Mzbel? How long has she been doing music and what impact has she made? After ‘16 years,’ she could’ve been one of the greatest female musicians from Ghana, but she let drugs and laziness get in her way. Her opinion does not matter to me really.” IS TOTALLY FALSE AND FABRICATED.

Samini is currently in the UK performing, and doing what he does Best, entertaining the masses and inspiring them as always. Samini is a Gentleman and always will be. And particularly has no issues whatsoever with MzBel.

We advice the originators of the Story to clarify the said story and adhere to Responsible Journalism. Crass Journalism is not what Ghana needs now. All other carriers of the Story in Question are herein adviced!

HighGradeFamily-SaminiMusic- We Still Okay.

Anthony Daning



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