Stone releases album without Kunta Kinte

stone bradez akwaada bone kunta kinte - Stone releases album without Kunta Kinte

stone bradez akwaada bone kunta kinte - Stone releases album without Kunta Kinte 

Many have questioned the health state of the half of music duo, Bradez; Kunta Kinte, who has not been musically active after he was struck by stroke some years ago.

Just as many were praying that he recovered and joined his brother to continue with their music activities, it was evident that his ill health had not permitted him to do what he could do when he was very strong.

The 'Bradez' duo seems to be tearing apart since Kwaku Nsiah Boamah aka Stone has decided to release his solo album called 'The Gifted.'

Flowking Stone elaborated in a video he releases few weeks ago “the Gifted album is about giving all of me. When you are in a group as I am, I get to contribute half of the song and my brother would add up the other half to make it a complete song.

But when you do a solo album, you get to do all. You choose to sing the chorus, a hook, put in your verses and skill, and you get to go all out,” he told Citifmonline

Even though Stone has explained that he would be doing an album with his brother after his solo project, Flex newspaper is of the opinion that Kunta Kinte's not-so-well status may have necessitated Stone's solo project.

As sad as It may be due his health status overshadowing his talent; this could be the exit of Kunta Kinte from the music scene.

It`s also crucial that if the music activity posed a threat to his health then, he should stay calm and do things that would keep him healthier.

Source:  Flex Newspaper

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