I want a woman with hips and with a good smell – Trigmatic

I want a woman with hips and with a good smell - Trigmatic

This week, presenter of the My Morning show on YFM and popular Trigmatic and Lady Sam hang out at the Accra Mall and have a fun time together.
Lady Sam: Hi Trig, nice to see you happy New Year? What have you been up to?

Trig: Hi Lady Sam! Nice to see you too and happy New Year. Well I have been on the low working to unleash the bang on the world for 2016.

Lady Sam: Hmmm, that sounds interesting.. So you know I like to speak to celebs on fashion, how would you describe yours?

Trig: Yeah I know you love to talk about fashion and you like to bash us as well which is good, for me fashion is who you are made of and mine changes according to my mood or event. I didn’t think I had a style as such but now I am beginning to discover mine, which is more of an African urban fusion.

Lady Sam: By the way I don’t like to bash celebs, I merely like to offer my opinion.

Trig: Well we all have an opinion, so…

Lady Sam: Exactly and some people are of the opinion that you cannot be seen without sneakers, is that true?

Trig: I don’t know where that came from but I am a low sole sneaker lover. I think the age thing is becoming a factor and I am beginning to lose the wild fashion young look. I do like some sneakers though, in fact at a point I had about a hundred pairs and counting. Another thing too is that I have a relationship with local shoe makers and… All my shoes bare my name, just a brag! Loll

Lady Sam: Lol Trig. So changing the subject slightly actually changing the subject greatly can you tell me what attracts you to a lady, what item of clothing does it for you? Is it a tight skirt, bustier, what?

Trig: Mmmmmmm, well I’ll go for a tight skirt and if she smells good then that definitely attracts me. And just to add I love me some hips…lol.

Lady Sam: Recently in Ghana it’s seems the trend for the ladies is for them to have thick eyebrows, are you a fan of that look?

Trig: Yeah I’ve seen a lotta ladies with thick eyebrows but that’s not my style, that’s not my style at all. I love it real and simple, natural is beautiful.

Lady Sam: That is interesting ok so whose fashion look are you a fan of in Ghana?

Trig: I really don’t look at anyone like that. I am not a fan of anyone in particular but if I had to choose I would say Sarkodie, he knows how to juggle between clothes for various events and I would choose Sandra Ankobiah for the ladies.

Lady Sam: What do you do to ensure that you always stay ahead in terms of the way you look?

Trig: To ensure I stay ahead in terms of the way I look I think I just keep staying true to myself. I do look around and pick ideas and check colours before stepping out or going for an event, so I would say a bit of mine and that of others.

Lady Sam: Tell us something about you that people don’t know?

Trig: Wooooooooow. something about me? Mmmmm the truth is, if you do listen to my music, then you would get to know me. Something that people may not realise about me is that I am a loner, always by myself and keep a small circle. Another thing people may not know is my softness for my woman if I end up with one, I am a lover boy..Lol. Actually it is all coming out now I like to give a lot. I’ve helped to build schools, paid fees, provided water, changed communities and fed many and I love Jesus.

Lady Sam: Wow, a lot of revelations and stuff I wouldn’t have known about you so thanks for being so open. (He nods and smiles shyly) Finally Trig can you tell me what your plans and thoughts for this year are?

Trig: My plans for 2016 is major, I am about to introduce a community building project called slum invasion. I have a lot of new music and videos coming out. I am hoping to find a wife and of course make a lotta money. This year is mine because I have lots of collabo’s to drop. Finally for 2016 I pray for more life and peace in Gh especially during election time.

Lady Sam: That’s a good one, great interviewing you, thanks and here’s wishing you a happy 2016 again.

Trig: Thank you too Lady Sam and have a happy new year too

Source: Ghanagist.com


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