Yaa Jackson a whole born again virgin now, gives life to Christ over recent deaths

Yaa Jackson has announced that she has seen the true light, therefore, she is ditching her past life.

The Kumawood actress, who has been gaining notoriety with her growing risque personality on social media, has shared photos of herself decently dressed in a white dress to say that “Past life over. Recognized my saviour now and in him is life.”

The 20-year-old continued that “I’m more than aware now we will die and leave everything on this earth.” Adding why she is making this decision now, she added in her caption that “My repentance is because of the Death happening across the world now.”

Yaa Jackson was introduced into Ghana’s spotlight from infancy, when her father, Mr. Jackson K Bentum, who is a popular Kumawood film producer featured her in a movie when she was a toddler. She has since been acting and has added music to her career now.

The young actress who stirred a controversy about a year ago when she boldly stated on the Delay Show that she can’t date a broke man because her clothes are even expensive, did not add whether her new life will see her quit anything in showbiz.

She has, however, been receiving tons of goodwill messages from her fans and fellow celebrities.

See her post below.

Source: pulse.com.gh



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