Music: Atumpan - Dumsor (Prod. by Mixmasta Garzy)

Atumpan  - Music: Atumpan - Dumsor (Prod. by Mixmasta Garzy)
Atumpan  - Music: Atumpan - Dumsor (Prod. by Mixmasta Garzy)

Ghana, then Gold Coast on the 6th of March 1957 was the first country South of the Sahara to gain Independence from Great Britain. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, leader of the independence struggle and the first President of Ghana in his speech said; "That the new african is ready to fight his own battles and show that after all the black man is capable of managing his own affairs".
58 years down the line, has Ghanaians shown to the world that they are capable of managing their own affairs especially now that the country is plagued with Energy crisis? The answer is yours.

Ghanaian Afrobeats star Atumpan, as a social responsibility to his country has summed up his opinion of the plight of the country in his New Song called DUMSOR.


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