Bishop? Obinim ask church members to fight critics on the internet for him

Founder and leader of International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim has warned persons attacking him to either quit or face the wrath of God.

The Bishop has been chided by a section of the populace after he claimed on OBTV channel that he has supernatural powers with which he transform himself into any animal in the spiritual realm.

In the video interview, the pastor claims he can transform into a snake, enter any room, bite his target and disappear after the mission. He also claimed that he once transformed into a snake with Jesus by his side who also transformed into a lion and visited someone.

After people who found his claims awkward took various forms to condemn him, Bishop Obinim in a voice played on Adom FM has issued a warning saying, anyone who speaks evil against him will face destruction.

“Some people have incurred the wrath of Jesus because they stood against me. Some have started drinking alcohol, smoking while others are facing challenges without knowing the cause. When you come against me, God will also come against you and your life will be messy. Your finances will be in a mess…,” he stated.

“You don’t touch the anointed. Even Angels in Heaven do not have the same powers. Some are more powerful than others. When you sleep, you sleep deep; but I don’t sleep. I lay down and work for the children of Jesus in the spiritual realm,” he added.

Bishop Obinim has asked members of his church and those who believe in Jesus and the miracles he does to fight for him.

“If you keep quiet on matters concerning me and people speak evil against me, they draw people away from God. But the more you fight for me, the children of Jesus come to the presence of God. Be it on the internet, radio or television, tell people your piece of mind. Fight for Obinim,” he asked.



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