Don't Call My Son A Bastard - Mzbel

Don27tCallMySonABastard Mzbel - Don't Call My Son A Bastard - Mzbel
Don27tCallMySonABastard Mzbel - Don't Call My Son A Bastard - Mzbel

Female award-winning Hip-life artiste, Mzbel, is currently exchanging 'blows' with owner, Chris-Vincent Agyapong for calling her child a "bastard".

In one of the latest post by Chris, he mentioned that, Mzbel's son doesn't have a father and still searching for the father after denial by UT Bank C.E.O, Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

When the singer saw his post, she screen shot and attached the message on her Facebook page:

"I never blew your fone and i don't have your landline, you and I became friends on twitter and exchanged numbers and that's how its been since... I've asked u quite a few times to do promos to support my music and u've never turned me down, I've never tried to get into your private business and have always expected u to do same.... I called u ONCE on your mobile and politely asked u not to call my child Bastard or suggest to anyone to do so on your platform cos the child is innocent and has nothing to do with all these.... You've carefully written negative stories abt me over the years but I never complain or even try to attack u cos I know it comes with being a celebrity so why this sudden lie.."


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