I did not leave the group – Praye Tintin

Praye Tintin

Kente, otherwise known as Praye Tinin, a former member of the stunning music trio, Praye, has for the first time disclosed that it was not his wish to leave the group, but he was chased out by his two colleagues.

Praye Tintin, after leaving the group, changed his name to Kente Sol and started working as a solo artiste. He has however given indications that he does not mind returning to the group if only his former colleagues would refund some money they owe him.

Without mentioning the exact amount, Praye Tintin disclosed on Neat 100.9 FM’s Entertainment Ghana last Tuesday that the money was over some private transactions between him and the two other members of the group, Big J and Eugene Baah (Praye Honeho).

“A point of correction, don’t say I left the group. I did not leave; I was pushed out of the group,” Praye Tintin noted on the show.
After over a year, this is the first time Tintin is speaking about the split. In all his initial public interviews he had denied there was a problem among the trio.

Tintin was responding to recent media claims by his two former colleagues that they missed him and had been calling to ask how he was faring.

Praye Tiatia and Praye Honeho

Tintin denied the claim by his two former colleagues and said they were only playing a public relations gimmick to make them look good.
He said he received calls from neither Big J nor Eugene and wondered how they could genuinely miss him and not show it in their actions.

The two others, after the split, went public with accusations that Tintin was to blame because he was secretly recording in a separate studio while they were still together as a group. They further disclosed how Praye Tintin took away a lucrative sponsorship deal for himself without taking the group into consideration.

In an interview with Peace FM then, Big J had alleged that Praye Tintin went to TV3 Music Music to perform as an individual and was turned away by Iso Paeley (Ice Baby), the producer of the show. He later went on the internet to rain insults on the producer.
He alleged further that Praye Tintin swore to apologise to Iso Paeley over his dead body, when he was asked to do so.

Source: News one

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