I don't have juju in my Hat - Kalybos

I don't have juju in my Hat ! - Kalybos

What makes Richard Asante a.k.a Kalybos stand out of the lot ever since he became a star after his web skit went viral is his hats.
This he claims is part of his branding but many are of the view that they are not just ordinary.

In an interview with Delay, the comic actor debunked the rumours saying that there are no magical powers associated with the hats he wears.

Kalybos said “There is nothing special about the hat. There is nothing spiritual about it. I started with three, now I have over 70 and counting. Most are gifts from friends. Also I am a shy person especially when it comes to interpersonal relationship, so the hats serve as a covering for me.”

Kalybos hails from Kumasi-yeji and is a brand ambassador for mobile network Airtel. He became popular with Ahoufe Patri through their short videos on YouTube dubbed Boys Kasa.

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