Patapaa’s “Scopa tu mana” has generated a heated debate on social media

The phrase “Scopa tu mana” recently found its way into the Urban Dictionary with the following meaning:







The phrase or term in question was coined by Justice Amoah, popularly known as Patapaa, a Ghanaian hiplife musician. The phrase came about as Patapaa was delivering his rap punches on “Daavi neba“, a song by Kawoula that featured Patapaa. The phrase has since gone viral and is what made the song a hit. It also gained much prominence on twitter as a term for expressing what’s going on in one’s mind or life.

There’s now an ongoing debate as to the origin of the Phrase and nationality of Patapaa on twitter. Check out some of the tweets below:

Patapaa's Patapaa's










After releasing his hit song “One corner”, a lot of people doubted if Patapaa could maintain some level of relevance in the Ghanaian music industry, but he has surpassed all expectation and maintained his relevance not just in Ghana but globally. Patapaa is putting Ghana on the map in his own unique way, and we at blissgh.com say he’s a legend and we “stan” him.


Here is the song that made all this possible:


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