Pray3 Tietia (Cartel BigJ) – Open Letter To Nana Ama Mcbrown

Ghana’s Hiplife Musician  ”Pray3 Tietia” now ”Cartel BigJ” took to his facebook page to apologise to actress Nana Ama Mcbrown. check it out after the cut.

Pray3 Tietia (Cartel BigJ) - Open Letter To Nana Ama Mcbrown

Dear Nana,
This is my open
apology letter to you since christmas was the third time I’ve been to
your house and still met your abscence and I hope and pray this letter
gets to your attention.
Nana, you’re truly one of the best human
beings I’ve met on this earth. A very passionate woman who is loyal to
everyone and everything you love and once upon a time I was one of those
people in your life.
I have heard and read all your pains you’ve expressed
about me not visiting you and showing concern after you had that fatal
life-taking accident right after starring in a video we requested your
appearance in.
Nana. …. you have all rights to feel the pain you
feel about me especially. I admit I could not make time to see you then,
fortunately or unfortunately Praye had a six weeks tour in UK right
after the unfortunate incident. But today I talk for myself and i wish
to take the blame even for Praye even though i was not informed when my
colleague visited you. I had waited yet again keeping my group in mind.
My bad that I did not call and procrastinated. My guilt overwhelmed me
so much so that I couldn’t face you anymore.
There is absolutely no
excuse in this world that can heal the ernomous pain you feel. We have
shared some very good times and that I’ll like you to reflect on whiles
am on my knees literally, As a grown man asking for your forgiveness
from the bottom of my soul. To err is human but to forgive is divine and
I pray the Almighty lays his peaceful hands on you to touch you to find
a little place in your heart to forgive BigJ. And I plead with my
family, friends and fans to assist me carry my heart felt message and
apology to you Nana.
I still love and respect you soo much as the
sister I’ve always held you to be. Nothing has changed nothing will
change and I’ll continue to like every and anything you post on your
social media as I’ve been doing all this while just to get your
Please take time to read and consider my sincere apology.
Cartel BigJ



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