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A 45-year-old armed robber was gunned to death Wednesday following a shootout with the police at Gwullo in the Sisala West District of the Upper West Region.

Three others who were with the deceased, Yakuba Kabori, managed to escape, and are currently being sought for by the Sissala West District Police Command.
The unregistered motorbike which Kabori used for the operation has been retrieved by the police.

Also in the possession of the police is an AK47 rifle with two magazines containing a total of 26 rounds of ammunition, all of which were retrieved from his arsenal.

Appeal to public

The police have appealed to the public for information to enable them track and arrest the robbers on the run.

According to the Sissala West District Police Commander, ASP Gai Raymond, they received information from their Burkinabe counterparts across the border that some four armed robbers were terrorizing inhabitants along the area, and that they should be on the lookout for them.

Police patrol

He said they consequently intensified their patrol operations within the township and surrounding areas, and at about 12:30a.m., the police patrol team saw four persons on two motorbikes.

He said as they attempted to approach the group, the riders began to shoot at them, compelling them to return fire.

He said Kabori was hit by a bullet during the shootout, and despite being sent to the Gwollu District Hospital, he passed on within minutes.


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