Samini Replies Mzbel

samini - Samini Replies Mzbel

African king of dancehall, Samini has rubbished Mzbel’s reasons for picking Shatta Wale over him. According to him, Mzbel’s opinion doesn’t matter to him.

The ‘Dagaati’ album owner and C.E.O of Samini music was responding to the ‘16 years’ hit singer’s comments she made about him at Rockstone’s office in a TV interview some few days ago on ‘let’s talk entertainment’, a hang out programme.

In the interview, Mzbel disclosed that, although she still loves Samini, she’s now a full time Shatta Walean because he’s trending now and he inspires the people on the streets- something which according to Mzbel, Samini used to do.

“I am a Shatta Walean. I love Samini, but now Shatta Wale is trending so am a full time Shatta Walean. Shatta Wale is down to earth. Shatta Wale inspires the people on the streets. Shatta Wale is not, ok I’m self-made and all that and he speaks his mind. He’s not afraid of anything. He’s very confident. Samini used to be like that, but all of a sudden he’s like ok I’m prim and proper. And the people on the street were like, ok he’s left us. So it’s not like I don’t like Samini anymore. I still love Samini, but I’m a full time Shatta Walean,” she revealed.

For way over half a year now, there have been purported serious friction between Samini and Shatta Wale and some entertainment pundits believe it still exists. The purported friction stems from the fact that showbiz lovers, critics, analysts and fans of both artistes have been caught up in debating who’s the better dancehall artiste of the two. Others believe there’s no such thing between them and that it’s all publicity stunts.

In his response, Samini said,
“Who is Mzbel? How long has she been doing music and what impact has she made? After ‘16 years’, she could’ve been one of the greatest female musicians from Ghana, but she let drugs and laziness get in her way. Her opinion does not matter to me really.”

Samini recently released two new freestyles over Chris Brown’s loyal and Beyonce’s Drunk in love and Mzbel took a music career break to focus on family upon giving birth.

Source: xyz|Patrick Teye Dasinor


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