The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise

The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise

The economy is hard, the industry is in tatters, according to major stakeholders; the super stars are not getting frequent jobs and the up and coming ones are lost – not knowing what to do to get
noticed. Wrong! Of course they know what to do to get noticed.

The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise
Moesha Bodoung

The act of nude photo shoots by female celebrities is not new in the world of show business but the phenomenon has taken a quick rise in Ghana, with wannabe stars doing nude, semi nude, and bikini photo shoots.

Photo shoots are mainly done to project the works of the personality; for a cause, a movement, for an endorsement deal, to magazine covers and to sell an album.

However, industry observers have noticed that, some female celebrities or wannabe celebrities are engaging in nude photo shoots for only one project; popularity.

Deborah Vanessa, a known model who has attempted to do music and now movies, is one of many to turn heads with sultry nude photos splattered on her social media platforms.

The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise
Deborah Vanessa

Interestingly, Deborah only makes the headlines and generates all the talk only when she pays for such photo shoots herself and posts them – and that is all she craves for – attention.

Recently, a not well-known actress, Princess Shyngle, who can’t be remembered for any major role played in any movie – made the headlines and was talk of social media when she released photos from her bikini photo shoot.

Another wannabe actress, Moesha Boudong, who many have referred to as ‘desperate’, after the release of many bum-baring photos on social media – released yet again, some mind-blowing sensuous photos last week.

The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise
Princess Shyngle

Helen Asante, another ‘struggling’ actress, who was last seen in the Shirley Frimpong Manso epic drama, ‘Adams’ Apple’ also released some photos from her bikini/nude photo shoot in commemoration of her birthday.

The Craze For fame Using Nude Pictures On The Rise
Helen Asante

In sharp contrast to what normally pertains in Hollywood, while the likes of Serena and Venus Williams, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and many other do photo shoots for huge sums of money for a project, endorsement deal or magazine covers – the ladies here in Ghana do so for space in the blogs, to make headlines in the newspapers and to get noticed.

Showbiz observers have queried if popularity gained via the release and publication of these sexy photos do much to elevate the image, talent and brand of these female wannabes.


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