Update: YFM Presenter Ms. Ada fit and well – Doctor declares

YFM Presenter Ms. Ada  fit and well
Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka (Ms. Ada)

Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka, the radio presenter whose disappearance and subsequent alleged rape led to one of the most gripping media episodes of the year in Ghana has been declared mentally fit and well to return to work.

Ms. Ada was allegedly raped in April 2015 by a gang of four who then leaked images of the act onto social media. The images caused outrage, leading to a police search for her after her employers, Global Media Alliance declared her missing.
However, at Wednesday’s press conference, Dr. Yao Nfodjohwho spoke about the mental condition of Ms. Ada declared that the former radio presenter suffered from bipolar disorder, which had led to the episodes. According to the doctor who had been treating Ms. Ada from mid-April this year, Ms. Ada has responded well to treatment and is “well and fit” to be taken back into active engagement by her employers.
Asked by a member of the press on the alleged rape saga that clouded the Ms. Ada incident, the doctor refuted that the he had not received any document detailing the alleged rape case. He also continued that the investigation of the rape aspect of the incident was a responsibility of Ghana Police.

I am saying with absolutely certainty that Madam Ada is fit and well”, Dr Yao Nfodjoh continued as he exalted the employers of Madam Ada for going out of their way to rehabilitate and reintegrate Ms, Ada into society.

Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka (Ms. Ada)
Ms. Ada press at ETV after the incident
Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka (Ms. Ada)
Ms. Ada press at YFM

Police holds Press Conference On YFM Presenter Rape Case 

Update: YFM Presenter Ms. Ada  fit and well - Doctor declares
ASP Afia Tenge

Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Afia Tenge has revealed at a press conference in Accra on Thursday findings of their investigations on Ms Ada, the YFM presenter who was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Police say Ms Ada’s story of abduction and rape has proven unreliable.

She said that the circumstances surrounding the alleged ordeal makes a mental examination important before her yet-to-be taken official statement can be given credibility.

Ms AdaASP Afia Tenge confirmed the arrest of one person, saying “There have been several developments regarding this issue that has prompted the Police to arrest one person by name Nelson Williams alias Iddrisu, aged 18, who is a painter and a resident of Abossey Okai.

The suspect has denied sexually assaulting the lady and that anything that happened on the said date indeed happened with the consent of the victim.

ASP Afia Tenge said “the victim is presently in a traumatic condition” she is therefore “unable to tell the Police her side of the story.

“The Police will have the opportunity to interrogate her further for a clearer picture of the incident after she has been examined both physically and mentally” ASP Afia Tenge said.

ASP Tenge further assured that the Police will apprehend all suspects involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, Gender Ministry wants the rape case to be considered a summary trial instead of jury one.

According to the Minister, Nana Oye Lithur, victims some times have to wait for about two years before a committal is even started by which time victims and witnesses would have lost interest in the case.

The suggestion was made at a stakeholder dialogue on the role of the judiciary to improve prosecution and adjudication of sexual and Gender based violence.

The meeting was also used to launch the End of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Ghana project which is funded by DANIDA with one million Ghana Cedis.

Speaking on behalf of the Attorney General, a Chief State Attorney, Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa indicated that a document on access to justice for women will soon be launched to protect rights of women.

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